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Since we will be inquiring about where our puppies go and about you we wanted to tell you a little bit about us.  Keith and I ( LeAnn )  have been married for 28 years. We have been blessed with two boys Brad and Derek.  Keith retired from Publix Supermarkets after 26 years so he would be able to go to church with our boys and lead by example. You see first and foremost we are Christians and strive to serve our Lord in everything we do. We are not perfect but we are forgiven.  During Keith's retirement we also traveled around the Southeast showing Brangus cattle, as well as began to breed Labs. During these years the Lord truly blessed our efforts and we won Premier Brangus Bull of the year as well as exhibitor of the year in the state of Florida.
  Our first labs were purchased for our boys for Christmas.  I remember the excitement that year as they waited with anticipation to see if we had gotten them a puppy. The main problem was that Brad wanted chocolate and Derek wanted yellow. As we had constantly told them we were not getting two puppies I will never forget Christmas Eve morning Derek could hardly stand it any longer and He said "Well since ya'll won't get us two puppies I wish you would have just gotten a black lab. Mom, I just want a lab. " Well, being the great parents we are  ( haha ) they both got their wish. Derek received Buddy and Brad received Holly a chocolate female. Keith has since gone back to work where he is off on weekends to be able to go to church and worship on Sundays.  The time also came to sell the cattle and slow down from traveling. During the years we traveled around we also began to breed our labs but now that we are home more we have stepped up the breeding to the next level. 

     In May 2021, Brad will be a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine.  Derek and Morgan are starting their own business breeding whitetail deer, breeding German Shorthaired Pointers, as well as dog training. (Both Labs and GSP) After homeschooling for 14 years its rewarding to see the boys begin their own journey.  There again we give all the glory to our Lord.
         We love meeting people and hearing about their story.  We hope you can come visit us in our neck of the woods and experience a little taste of heaven.  Lab heaven that  is !




But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these things will be added unto you.  Matthew 6:33

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